Thursday, October 7, 2010

sisters' remembrance

The silent lullaby of a flower:
is it heard, is it in the heart,
appellative of divine nature?
Do we understand when we are older,
like daughters carried upon their fathers' shoulders?

Remember some things are that simple.

A little green shoot tearing through the loam;
like a majestic wild cat
surging forward peerlessly
But cautious creatures draw back
when a young lion does lack

Remember trust.

Sparkling waters,a rushing deluge!
What damning thing has held you back?
Cascades lit by the Sun are beauty made bold
as a gown interwoven with gold

Remember where you are led.

O priceless, beautiful dreams!
Dare alla luce
Give and receive
Sacrifices the world treats bizarre;
Like pouring the content of an alabaster jar

Remember love.

Captivating daughter(s),
dispense with mnemonic scents
Know your helpmate's fragrance
and all other things eschew
The king is enthralled with you

Remember him for who he is.
And remember please,
I love you.
Remember that.