Tuesday, November 23, 2010

for you or me?

Forgive me,

I stand in scathing silence seeing I am such a selfish soul
I cannot show the semblance of sanction to console,
evading enmity in expectancy of its eventual ebb
Nor route to remedy with reprimand as might a righteous rebbe.

Forgive me,

Although the adamantly adolescent assert I am acute in asperities
I am analogous in affections and animosities
It is hyperboles and hubris behind which we hide
that foils fidelity and fosters fratricide

Forgive me,

But berating bedlam boys
and proscribing petty and perfidious ploys
ought not label a lack of “like” in love as loss or in lull
Understand, the uxorious is of no use to the unconditional

Forgive me,

Ascertain my anguish as avarice and apostasy attend
droves who dam their ears and to deception descend
Cunning digits and cotton conceits
frustrate what is faithful and with fairness competes

Forgive me,

Clever message à clef
Arbiter of an anonymous addressee
Ambiguity in actuality
arranges absconders of amenability

Forgive me,

Here we have a harbinger of hypocrisy;
I am inundated with inconsistency
The focus fades and the foundations fragment
for I have forgotten the fellow for whom this fathomless poem was meant

Thursday, October 7, 2010

sisters' remembrance

The silent lullaby of a flower:
is it heard, is it in the heart,
appellative of divine nature?
Do we understand when we are older,
like daughters carried upon their fathers' shoulders?

Remember some things are that simple.

A little green shoot tearing through the loam;
like a majestic wild cat
surging forward peerlessly
But cautious creatures draw back
when a young lion does lack

Remember trust.

Sparkling waters,a rushing deluge!
What damning thing has held you back?
Cascades lit by the Sun are beauty made bold
as a gown interwoven with gold

Remember where you are led.

O priceless, beautiful dreams!
Dare alla luce
Give and receive
Sacrifices the world treats bizarre;
Like pouring the content of an alabaster jar

Remember love.

Captivating daughter(s),
dispense with mnemonic scents
Know your helpmate's fragrance
and all other things eschew
The king is enthralled with you

Remember him for who he is.
And remember please,
I love you.
Remember that.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

if you couldn't tell, i'm sore

Nitpicking leaves us poor,
casts the good to the floor
"Not bad for...
a lefty, a drop-out, a chub, a whore"
Such words we abhor
Is affirmation SUCH a chore?

Words that ring in our core
cut, jab, wound, and score
Please, we beg you, we IMPLORE,
why can't you try for
peace and rapport?
You'd think we'd have learned not to ask any more

BANG! we're out the back door
it was that or fight a losing war
hurl stones we don't want to be responsible for
But I guess for now we just ignore
And look elsewhere for words that restore

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

i do...

Enjoy cooking experiments and tasting new teas
Savor seasons of autumn and spring
Appreciate the variation and beauty of trees
Cherish the nostalgia a solitary walk can bring

Revel in the aurora's indigo and tangerine skies
Esteem the Holy word, transforming and sublime.
Treasure when the Beloved says "you have dove's eyes"
Prize moments spent on quality time

Fancy the best amour is romance in a glance
Applaud grudges we let go of
Worship with tears and dance
Love, love, love, and love

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Procrastination is an Art

I linger on fading dreams
The day won't wait long

pennyroyal and blue cohosh

Charlatan woman,
With your uncouth phallus tongue,
Wanting honesty...
Go cry your crocodile tears--
They will never deceive me.

An innocent is cast away by its reluctant host and vindictive gossip spreads as the mephitic stench of a corpse.

I hate gossip. I'd much prefer to just sweep something (something... oh God it makes me weep) under the carpet then talk about it. Talking about it isn't gonna work it out or undo it or resign our hearts to its being real and irreversible.
It's just picking at a scab.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

pastoral poem

standing in the mountain's corrie
our praise echoes heaven's glory
listen to the fading traces
it takes us to holy places

enshrined in forest cathedral
'neath canopied temple extol
here our idols it erases
it takes us to holy places

in our father's vineyard we dance
to the old song of songs romance
in one another's embraces
it takes us to holy places

Friday, March 19, 2010

most noted notes

Letters penned in turquoise ink 
are best I think
Skill commanding

In cordial red envelopes
they inspire hopes
Like Valentines
and lucky signs

And if we've written them sincere
or cavalier
Feel no remorse
for such discourse

Saturday, March 13, 2010

last testament

My dearest sister, don't give in
Whichever way the cruel wind blows
I bear your heart as mine, within
My dearest sister, don't give in
Though consolation echoes thin
Whence thou goest, thy sister goes
My dearest sister, don't give in
Whichever way the cruel wind blows

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Valentine

From: Me
To: False Hope

happy hymns
and joy elude. 
My poor paper heart,
so shoddily glued
with speculative promise
and notions quite misconstrued.
It is such a small, sad Valentine;
but another discarded billet doux.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


thaw, bloom
raining, running, changing
melted, slushy, chilly, muddy
creeping, transforming, unfolding 
burgeoned, fresh, fair