Thursday, September 30, 2010

if you couldn't tell, i'm sore
Nitpicking leaves us poor,
casts the good to the floor
"Not bad for...
a lefty, a drop-out, a chub, a whore"
Such words we abhor
Is affirmation SUCH a chore?

Words that ring in our core
cut, jab, wound, and score
Please, we beg you, we IMPLORE,
why can't you try for
peace and rapport?
You'd think we'd have learned not to ask any more

BANG! we're out the back door
it was that or fight a losing war
hurl stones we don't want to be responsible for
But I guess for now we just ignore
And look elsewhere for words that restore

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

i do...

Enjoy cooking experiments and tasting new teas
Savor seasons of autumn and spring
Appreciate the variation and beauty of trees
Cherish the nostalgia a solitary walk can bring

Revel in the aurora's indigo and tangerine skies
Esteem the Holy word, transforming and sublime.
Treasure when the Beloved says "you have dove's eyes"
Prize moments spent on quality time

Fancy the best amour is romance in a glance
Applaud grudges we let go of
Worship with tears and dance
Love, love, love, and love

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Procrastination is an Art

I linger on fading dreams
The day won't wait long

pennyroyal and blue cohosh

Charlatan woman,
With your uncouth phallus tongue,
Wanting honesty...
Go cry your crocodile tears--
They will never deceive me.

An innocent is cast away by its reluctant host and vindictive gossip spreads as the mephitic stench of a corpse.

I hate gossip. I'd much prefer to just sweep something (something... oh God it makes me weep) under the carpet then talk about it. Talking about it isn't gonna work it out or undo it or resign our hearts to its being real and irreversible.
It's just picking at a scab.